Team Coaching

Team Coaching Is A Powerful Tool.

We Have Many Organization And Team Coaching Services

The success of a company is dependent nine parts on management and one part on all other factors, including luck.

That’s rule #1 from Barron’s recently published Ten Rules forpagePicTeamCoaching
Investors. And yet, a cook for a fast food chain receives more
developmental support and training than most people holding leadership
positions (McKinsey, 2003). We often hear that an organization’s most
valuable asset is its people. Yet in some organizations, this may be an
under-developed asset.

Is There Untapped Potential Within Your Organization?

Talented people crave the opportunity to grow. Our coaching can help your
organization grow great leaders by providing them with candid feedback,
opportunities to learn new skills and behaviors, and an accountability

Organizational & Team Coaching is a Powerful Tool for:

  • Aligning individual performance with team and organizational objectives
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Identifying, maximizing and leveraging strengths
  • Increasing and enhancing communication between managers, direct reports and teams
    (including geographically dispersed teams, see group coaching in organizations below)
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention
  • Enhancing performance and results
  • Helping individuals take ownership and responsibility
  • Creating a healthy, more-productive culture
  • Helping new executives become more productive more quickly

Increasingly, CEO Partnership is being retained to coach entire senior teams or
executives across geographically-dispersed organizations. Our organizational and team coaching services include:

  • Internal Group Coaching
  • Coaching to Support Organizational Change
  • M & A Coaching
  • Sales Leader Development Coaching
  • Coaching to Manage and Resolve Organizational Conflict
  • Team Coaching

Organization and team coaching services

Internal Group Coaching

Small groups (8-10) of your executives around the globe join together
on a telephone bridge line every other week to share best practices and
ideas to enhance their performance. Participants benefit from the
combined wisdom of their peers (often decades of collective
intelligence on each call) as well as the Executive Coach. The result
is accelerated change and better ideas quickly integrated and
distributed world-wide. Internal group coaching works especially well
with dispersed sales representatives, especially when combined with
emotional intelligence tele-classes!

Coaching to Support Organizational Change

What is the cost of not moving smoothly and efficiently through a
change initiative?  Our organizational coaching provides a platform
where individuals can discuss challenges, concerns and appropriate
actions to support the organization’s change process.

M & A Coaching

Somewhere between 60 and 75 percent of all mergers fail to achieve
their financial goals. What’s more, there is typically a 50 percent
drop-off in organizational productivity during the initial stages of a
merger or acquisition (Achieving Post-Merger Success, Carleton &
Lineberry, 2004). CEO Partnership worked on the recent Hewlett Packard
– Compaq merger, one of the most successful corporate mergers in
history. Working with associates in the Vector Group, Dr. Belsten
engaged in an international cultural due diligence process to
supplement hp’s financial and legal due diligence processes. HP
executives credit our process with helping to ensure the successful

Sales Leader Development Coaching

Our sales coaching offers two benefits:  1) we utilize Emotional
Intelligence (EI) tools and practices; and 2) we customize our coaching
to support the efforts of sales leaders and teams. We focus on sales
productivity and understanding the customer at a deeper level, as well
as on helping individuals and teams achieve revenue goals and sales
performance objectives.

Coaching to Manage and Resolve Organizational Conflict

Conflict costs U.S. companies and organizations billions of dollars a
year in lost productivity. With extensive training and background in
negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution, Dr. Belsten creates
conflict management and resolution coaching interventions in
partnership with her clients to reduce the cost of conflict and create
a healthier, more productive work place.

Team Coaching

CEO Partnership specializes in building strong, high-performing teams.
All team buildings are not the same. If you’re looking for a “Lost on
the Moon” team adventure, or outdoors ropes courses, we can refer you
to other firms. However, if you want your teams to have more focus,
greater alignment and commitment to goals, an explicit charter
containing sound decision-making processes, clearly defined roles and
responsibilities, a shared vision of team and organizational success,
agreed-upon team guidelines, and techniques for managing the inevitable
conflicts that arise, CEO Partnership is the firm to call. We work to
support a collaborative and supportive team environment together with
principled team leadership.