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We Offer More Coaching Services and Assessments Than Any Other Firm.

If you or your executive-level employees are experiencing conflict or other challenges in the workplace, difficult co-workers, or less than stellar business results, or are looking for a competitive advantage through superior leadership, our executive coaching services may be the perfect fit.


“I have learned an immense amount from Laura.”
Mary Chesser
“I thought I would learn a couple tricks to better manage my time and delegate more effectively. I got so much more. Although at times not what I wanted to hear or learn, it was definitely what I needed!”
Tracy Firmin
“You saved my life.”
Al Bland
“(Coaching with Laura) was one of the best, hands-on gifts of learning I have been blessed with in a long time. Huge eye-opener re: what works and what does not based on how people communicate. Every session was primo. Fun too.”
Judy Krings, Ph.D.
“I find that Dr. Belsten brings unique executive business abilities and a strong leadership development background to the vast area of Coaching & Training. I have repeatedly observed her engaging and creative coaching style and consider myself luck to have worked directly with her. Laura is a most accomplished professional and I highly recommend her for her executive leadership and impressive coaching competencies.”
Lisa Custardo
“I want you to know that your (coaching) program had a positive impact on me . . . not just professionally but personally as well. It helped me pull out of a stall that was subtly eroding my focus and distracting me from my stated goals. Empowered with a replenished set of tools, I find that my decision-making realigned toward strengthening and proactive choices and less reactive in the traditional, “Oh, what now?” responses. The result of that change is yielding amazing results in recent months.”
Stephen Osborne
“This (coaching) experience has made a profound difference in the way I manage and lead teams today. Through my work with Laura, I have now developed a deeper awareness of myself as a leader, and have walked away with the skills necessary to be a far more effective leader and manager in my organization.”
Joy Malumphy
“Your command of the (leadership, management and communication) subject was far more extesnsive than I expected, and your generosity in sharing your great depth and breadth of knowledge was remarkable. Thank you so much for all you have done for our organization. Such a pleasure to work with you.”
Mimi Peak, J.D.