Board Retreats

Your participants deserve the very best in board retreat preparation, design, execution and follow-up. You need someone who respects their intelligence, keeps them focused, and who can evoke their collective wisdom for the maximum benefit of the organization. I am that person.

Whether your retreat is for a special problem solving session, strategic planning, team building or educational development, a retreat is a vital tool for making progress, for “taking a step forward” on the important issues effecting your organization.

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To reap the greatest value from your investment of time and expense, there are several ingredients necessary for a successful retreat. A successful retreat balances substance and social time. It’s engaging, stimulating, and inspiring.
Participants should be clear about the goals for the event beforehand
and what was accomplished afterwards. The retreat’s purpose should link
to larger organizational goals. It should be skillfully run. And it
should include a measure of fun.

CEO Partnership has extensive experience in retreat planning and
facilitation. We work closely with you to set the stage and orchestrate
a meaningful and productive retreat. Importantly, we can also help you
translate the success of the retreat into key strategies, practical
outcomes, and ongoing benefits to your organization.

The CEO Partnership Process

CEO Partnership has developed a highly-acclaimed process for framing and
facilitating board retreats. It is guaranteed to help your Board come together and move forward. Our interest-based process moves participants elegantly from “self interests,” to mind opening “enlarged interests”, to creative “enlightened interests”, and finally to solution-generating “aligned interests”. This approach ensures that all participants “step forward” to mobilize in support of the vision of your organization.

Combine this process with learning about the key ingredients for effective, high-performance teams, visionary and collaborative leadership, shared problem solving, essential conflict management techniques, and interest-based negotiation, add a few engaging simulation exercises, top it off with a healthy dose of humor, and you have the ingredients for a successful retreat.

We orchestrate and facilitate a retreat your board will long remember and refer back to. They will leave the process feeling the time spent has been worthwhile for them and for the organization, and looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.

We Offer Several Types of Retreats

Leadership development retreat

Bring your board together as a cohesive team of visionary leaders, moving them from self-interests to enlightened organizational interests. This
retreat helps boards step forward to working as a team and providing the visionary leadership necessary for the continued success of the organization.

Conflict management retreat

Your leaders will learn a time-proven process for conflict resolution, negotiation, and collaborative problem solving, so they can step forward together.

Retreats designed to craft the organization’s mission, vision and values

Ensure your board is on the same page and fully owns the organization’s mission, vision and values, and strategic plan for getting there. Our process ensures boards come together to build the framework for strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement.

Decision-making retreats

If your organization needs assistance in bringing together key parties to reach important strategic decisions, we can efficiently and effectively
facilitate your retreat to enable you to organizationally take a step forward.

Building effective collaborative relationships

If your organization is facing a significant obstacle or a conflict in moving forward, you may bring together members of the board and your
executive leadership team in a productive environment to learn and design effective ways of working together for the betterment of the organization.

Resolving complex and perplexing problems

Bring together the key parties to participate in creating workable solutions.

Board education and development

CEO Partnership has engaging, fun, interactive techniques, programs and speakers to help your board better fulfill its responsibilities.