Coaching For Corporate & Business Executives

Executive coaching is for intelligent, motivated individuals whose experience and expertise have brought them to some of the highest levels within their industries.

Perhaps this describes you. You’ve done well to make it to the executive ranks, and yet perhaps you have found there are gaps in your learning, knowledge or skills, or you want to leverage your strengths to take on new challenges. Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau, want to regain a competitive edge, hone your leadership skills, or maybe you are questioning whether you even want to continue on your current path.

People work with coaches for many reasons. For example, to:

  • Identify and take action toward more intentional, deliberate goals
  • Gain more career and life satisfaction
  • Contribute more effectively to their team and organization
  • Start off a new position on “the right foot”
  • Learn techniques for working more productively with others – especially
    difficult co-workers, whether peers, direct reports, or a supervisor
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Wield more powerful influencing skills
  • Take the next big step in their career
  • Stay on top of mounting responsibilities
  • Overcome career or organizational hurdles
  • Manage conflict more constructively
  • Be a stronger team leader
  • Manage stress more productively
  • Become more resilient
  • Enhance interpersonal or emotional intelligence skills
  • Simply talk with a trusted advisor and confidante

It’s true what they say:  it’s lonely at the top. Sometimes executives just need an objective, knowledgeable, neutral sounding board or a strategic thinking partner with whom they can discuss their challenges, opportunities, how to leverage their strengths, overcome
vulnerabilities, or plan a course of action. Tiger Woods is at the top of the game of golf and works with a coach every day. Same for Olympic athletes. Why should executives be any different?

An expert executive coach plays several roles:

  • a professional development expert in a specific discipline, such as
    leadership development, interpersonal or organizational communication,
    or emotional intelligence, someone who provides guidance, resources and
  • a strategic thinking partner who challenges your beliefs and actions as a leader,
  • a trusted confidante and advisor,
  • an objective, neutral, and knowledgeable outside resource, and
  • your loyal and avid supporter at all times.

Imagine having your own private executive coach dedicated solely to you and your success. Someone who will help you…

  • work more effectively with difficult people
  • get – and stay on top of – mounting responsibilities
  • focus on critical priorities and professional goals
  • identify your strengths and potential vulnerabilities
  • make desired behavioral change
  • manage stress and work through conflict
  • move toward work/life balance
  • make tough decisions with greater confidence
  • produce deeper learning
  • generate a greater awareness of your own needs and your own personal power
  • navigate through the office politics and the tough spots in your career
  • work with greater reflection and deliberation of all the options
  • generate solutions uniquely tailored to your needs, your situation, experience,
  • and dreams and goals

Executive coaching is a private, personalized, one-to-one service customized for each individual. We help our clients discover and leverage their
strengths, recognize obstacles to success, and identify a manageable course of action to help them maximize success on their own terms.

We offer the following private coaching services:

  • Executive Coaching

    For corporate executives and managers, public sector-executives
    (including city managers and county executives), health care
    executives, and administrators in higher education.   We focus on
    fast-trackers and high-performing leaders who often need a fresh,
    experienced, objective, sounding board to discuss challenges,
    opportunities, and how they can take more thoughtful, deliberate
    action. Our coaching allows executives, managers and leaders to take a
    brief respite and step away from the day-to-day hectic pace and
    effectively strategize on how they can reach beyond where they are
  • Jump Start Coaching

    Designed for the executive new to his or her position. The President
    gets 100 days to prove himself – you get 90 (if you’re lucky). A new
    position is both exciting and stressful, and we’ve all heard the old
    adage that “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first
    impression.”  Opinions are often formed in the first few days and weeks
    about the new executive. Internal politics are in full force.
    Expectations are high and both the executive and the organization want
    the integration process to be seamless and successful. This 90-day
    coaching program focuses on critical success strategies for new leaders
    at all levels, including negotiating a productive working relationship
    with your new boss and your team, securing early wins to establish
    credibility, connecting with the “right” and influential coalitions,
    and balancing personal and professional demands through the transition.
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

    Recent studies suggest that EQ (emotional intelligence) is more
    important to an executive’s success than IQ or cognitive intelligence.
    Emotional intelligence coaching is designed for individuals who want to
    gain a greater awareness of themselves and others, and use that
    awareness to manage themselves and their relationships with others more
    effectively. We focus on communication skills, interpersonal skills,
    leadership and management skills, teamwork and collaboration,
    influencing skills, and the skills associated with developing others.
    This tailored, one-on-one coaching often involves an emotional
    intelligence 360 or self-assessment.

  • Leadership Development and Succession Coaching

    Designed to maximize the effectiveness of key talent. With a focus
    specifically on current and emerging leaders, this coaching program
    identifies and develops leadership competencies and behaviors necessary
    to drive success throughout the organization.
  • Career Development/Transition Coaching

    For individuals faced with a decision on whether to remain in their
    current position or look for new opportunities (inside or outside the
    organization). This coaching program focuses on the individual
    executive’s work/life values, career strengths, priorities,
    communication and management style, and work expectations. The end
    result is a sound decision and clear course of action.