About Private Executive Coaching

Delivered by Laura Belsten, Ph.D., one of the most respected executive coaches in the U.S. today

CEO Partnership offers private, confidential,individually-customized coaching for managers, executives, professionals and business leaders. I work exclusively with a limited number of individual clients (up to 12 at any one time, occasionally one or two more if you are eager or can’t wait to begin). CEOPartnership also provides additional coaches, pre-screened andcertified to be of exceptionally high quality, for organizationsrequiring a larger number of coaches and desiring to provideindividuals with a choice of executive coaches.

Objectives of private coaching:

  • To provide real-time coaching assistance — confidentially — on issues and concerns you are currently confronting.
  • To establish longer-term professional and career strategies, tailored to your needs, values, goals, where you’ve been and where you’d like to go
  • To provide programs designed for maximum flexibility, including unlimited access for those times when the need is greatest
  • To help you establish goals and an action plan to achieve them
  • To manage stress and enhance resilience
  • To find the answers to difficult questions
  • To serve as a strategic thinking partner, a trusted advisor, an objective sounding board for new ideas
  • To get energized – to become fully engaged, overcome procrastination, and mobilize for the next big accomplishment
  • To re-gain your self-confidence or competitive edge
  • To hone your communication, management and leadership skills
  • To enhance your influencing or negotiation skills
  • To resolve conflict in the workplace, or learn techniques to work with a difficult co-worker

Executive coaching services are paid in advance on a monthly basis (discounts are available for six- and twelve-month commitments), andmay be paid with business or personal funds by check or credit card.
Fees vary depending on whetheryou prefer unlimited access to coaching assistance or regularly-scheduled weekly coaching sessions. Fees also vary depending on whether you wish to gain new insights into your leadership or communication style, or gain a perspective of your executive strengths and vulnerabilities through one (or more) of our assessments.
I offer 30, 50 and 90-minute coaching session by telephone throughout the U.S. and internationally, and in-person in the Denver metropolitan area.

We coach clients who:

  • Are executives, managers, professionals, business owners, and individual contributors usually working within an organizational structure
  • Seek honest, independent, objective coaching on issues related to business, communication, leadership, or personal style to enhance competence, performance, and/or image
  • Can accept feedback, change behavior and/or think about issues in a new context
  • Have a bias for action, are results-oriented and pragmatic.
  • Need assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans, or need a safe, confidential, trusted and experienced sounding board to ensure validity of new or current ideas or approaches.

Require confidential help at key times, and a fast response with options for action.