Why CEO Partnership

Answer: All of our coaches have served as successful high ranking executives with leading companies, earned top coaching certifications, and have years of successful coaching engagements under their belt. Also, our coaches are certified and trained to deliver a wider variety of business and physiological assessments than any other coaching firm.

We’re not “one-size-fits-all.” We believe our “boutique” approach offers the most responsive way to deliver the highest-quality, personalized service to our clients. (We’re smaller and more nimble than the big guys, yet able to provide a full range of services that often cannot be delivered by coaches in a solo practice.) We take care of our clients.

“After my coaching calls with Laura, I always felt so empowered, so focused, with razor sharp precision about what I needed to do next.”
– D. Thibault, Business Owner, Denver

“After a coaching session with Laura, I feel much calmer, more confident, and more in control over my life and business.”
– Anne D. Weber, Attorney at Law

All coaching is completed in the strictest confidence

Confidentiality is the hallmark of our coaching.

“I chose to work with Laura because of her ability to maintain confidentiality in the corporate environment. She has a very high level
of personal and professional integrity. I will end up referring her over and over again to peers and colleagues because of her integrity.”
– T. Taylor, VP Finance, large pharmaceutical company

We offer honest, straightforward, yet always caring and supportive feedback

They say, “It’s lonely at the top,” and you may feel somewhat alone in your position, with no one to turn to for the tough stuff. And no one telling you the honest truth. Laura provides a fresh, objective, outside perspective. She serves as your strategic thinking partner and sounding board as you begin to stretch into new opportunities or new directions.

“I believe the success of this process lies in Laura’s honesty – even when uncomfortable to hear. Her honest, direct feedback assisted me in
identifying my blind spots and working to overcome them. At the same time, her feedback is always encouraging, caring and very positive.”
– L. Kanamine, VP Public Relations/Marketing HealthOne, Denver

Coaching is our primary business (in fact, our only business):

You’re an expert in what you do, and you want to work with a coach who is an
expert in coaching. I do coaching and pretty much only coaching. For 15
years, coaching has been my specialty. One of Laura’s clients said,

“I chose Laura because of her many years experience with coaching and her 100% commitment to coaching as her primary career. During the interview process, I was dismayed to talk to many so-called “executive coaches” who practice coaching “on the side” as secondary to a primary career.” – R. Doerr, Director of Marketing

We have the leadership and executive experience

Too many “coaches” have never been in your shoes. You want a coach with first-hand experience in leadership and executive positions, someone who has a proven track record and can “practice what she teaches.”  I have held leadership positions in city management, in the Colorado Governor’s Office, and in higher education. Furthermore, I have extensive corporate, executive and health care experience and have
built my own highly successful business.

Education and Training

You want someone with the best education and training in the coaching profession. I have a:

  • PhD (Human Communication and Leadership)
  • MPA (Master’s of Public Administration)
  • BA (Psychology)
  • Completed post-doctoral training through three (not just one) national coach training programs:  The Coaches Training Institute, Coach U, and Corporate Coach University International. She is also certified to offer The Coach Clinic®.
  • Extensive training in leadership, personality and behavioral assessments (Myers Briggs, DISC, FIRO-B, Emotional Intelligence, 360s, and various leadership, management and communication assessments)

Other Credentials

  • Master Certified Coach (MCC), International Coach Federation, the highest level of credential in the coaching profession.
  • President and Board of Directors, Denver Coach Federation, also membership committee and program committee.

Adjunct Professor (since 1990) at the University of Denver, teaching
courses in leadership, communication, emotional intelligence,
leadership coaching, conflict management and negotiation