Group Coaching

Group coaching (or “Best Practices Tele-Forums”) offer a new,
exciting and cost-effective alternative to individual, private

Groups of 6-10 individuals come together for an hour twice each month on a
central telephone bridge line (at a fraction of the cost of traditional operator-assisted conference calls).  Group members quickly establish
an agenda of common concerns and soon find themselves in a highly interactive, supportive learning community. The groups meet for six months, with options for continuing with or without new members.

Benefits of Group Coaching

  • It’s cost effective. Group coaching is more affordable than private, individual coaching for many people.
  • It’s convenient. You participate from your desk at work or home or anywhere
    in the world where you can access long-distance service.
  • It’s just-in-time solutions. Participants rapidly share their individual,
    team and organizational best practices for mutual benefit.
  • It’s deep, profound learning. Individuals benefit from the combined wisdom
    of each other as well as from the executive coach. This collective
    genius can represent decades of professional and personal experience.
  • It’s fun!  Participants say they come away from each call feeling energized,
    connected to a community, and ready to take action.
  • It has accountability built in. Since group calls are held every other
    week, you’ll be rejoining your community in two short weeks, and your
    fellow group members (and your coach) will be eager to hear about your

“Hi Laura,
I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for our group coaching call
on Monday. I greatly appreciated the time to discuss some of my
challenges and get feedback from you and the group on potential ways of
working through them. You’re coaching manual has proven invaluable for
me in the past few weeks…I tell everyone that it’s the best information
I’ve received since leaving college. Not only has it proven beneficial
for me, but in implementing some of the coaching processes with one of
my direct reports, I’ve seen her grow exponentially!
Thanks for making a difference,
Kristin Benn
National Environmental Health Association
Denver, Colorado”

Two Kinds of Group Coaching are Available

Affinity Groups

Group coaching with geographically dispersed individuals from one
profession or industry; for example, we offer groups for corporate
executive women, health care executives, city managers, and higher
education administrators. Affinity groups are a forum for participants
to share best practices for mutual benefit.

In-house groups

Group coaching for individuals and teams within the same organization.
The individuals may be geographically dispersed or co-located and
wanting to achieve similar organizational goals (i.e., sales and
revenue goals, change initiative planning, M&A planning and
coordination, etc.)

Potential Topics for Group Coaching

Are you wrestling with any of the following issues?  Call or email us to join an affinity group or create a custom designed in-house group.

  • Conflict management
  • Powerful negotiating skills
  • Time management
  • Avoiding burnout
  • building a cohesive team
  • Performance management
  • 360 assessment
  • Emotional intelligence
  • overcoming adversity (the Adversity Quotient)
  • Dialogue skills (balancing advocacy and inquiry)
  • Dealing with a difficult _______ (boss) (co-worker) (employee)
  • Setting priorities
  • Strategic planning
  • Effective decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Extraordinary customer service
  • Effective performance appraisals
  • Giving great presentations
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Getting organized
  • Cutting costs
  • Customer-focused selling
  • Communication styles
  • Stress resiliency and management
  • Career and personal decisions
  • Strategic life and career mapping
  • Interacting with the Board of Directors (or City Council, or CEO)
  • Effective delegation
  • Team leadership
  • Prioritization
  • Integrating business and personal life
  • Taking control of the controllable (and coping with the rest)
  • Project completion
  • Visionary leadership
  • Leading change
  • are you a manager or a leader?
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Leader as coach
  • Personal power (and boosting self-confidence)
  • creating a healthy team or organizational culture
  • building trust in the organization
  • focusing on “quadrant II” (the “important” vs. the “urgent”)
  • Executive presence
  • Presentation skills
  • motivating people
  • Powerful influencing skills
  • leaving a legacy
  • designing the 2nd half of your life
  • Communication, management and leadership styles (and competencies)
  • Simple methods for improving work/life satisfaction
  • Family matters (taking time to create and sustain relationships)
  • Eliminating the time wasters
  • The power of focus